Keep an eye out for these red flags

They Overpromise

SEO agencies aren’t miracle workers. If a company continually makes bold claims, like guaranteeing a page 1 (or better) ranking for specific search terms, they’re likely making promises they can’t deliver on.

They Can’t (or Won’t) Explain Their Methodology

Knowledgeable SEO experts can show their work; they’ll be able to explain how they produced positive results for past customers and give you a reasonable plan of action of how they’d tackle your own project. It’s not asking too much to get that info during the vetting process.

They Use Black Hat SEO Tactics:

There are a lot of nefarious SEO strategies out there – buying links, keyword stuffing, engaging in negative SEO against the competition. Believe it or not, but some vendors will use these methods. Black hat SEO isn’t just unethical; it could get you removed from Google’s search index. While some business owners may be enticed by the promise of getting a few quick wins, it’s better to stick with white hat SEO tactics that can produce results that are just as good.

They Can’t Tie SEO to Your Business Goals

All the metrics SEO companies chase (organic traffic, search engine ranking, click-through rates, etc.) are just a means to an end. Taken by themselves, they don’t mean a whole lot to your company’s bottom line. Be sure that your vendor can show you how their SEO strategies will result in better sales, more revenue and benefits that actually help grow your business.

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